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InterVap Europa Wellness

Sustainable manufacturing / Innovation

We are sustainable due to our use of EPS in basins in spas, pools and steam baths, a product with high thermal insulation and low conductivity which complies with all European health demands, is recyclable and does not endanger the environment as it does not create gases. Expanded high-density reinforced polystyrene with fibreglass mesh, covered with water repellent and glass mosaic, which in comparison with concrete, has energy savings of 80%. Recommended in pools and spas, where concrete is heavy if it is planned to use it on terraces, etc. Polystyrene is the best alternative due to its lightness.

We manufacture Finnish saunas using wood certified by the FSC, Forest Stewardship Council, whose mission, in forests around the world, is to provide economically viable, socially beneficial and environmentally responsible forest management. It guarantees that it comes from controlled deforestation.

And in steam baths, we have developed an energy savings system that makes it possible to maintain a constant temperature in the cabins using power regulated by stages. This translates into running one to three steam boilers controlled from the central unit, in order to always adjust the same consumption to the required need. Said energy savings translate into 70%.

Eco-sustainable wellness is our declaration of principles, assuming an ethical stance with respect for the origins of the materials used, the way they are used, and reusing or recycling them.

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Technical / Post-sales service

The Technical and Post-Sales Assistance Service offers support and assistance in products and installations by InterVap Europa. Our customer service, available Monday to Friday, is from 9:00 to 13:00 and 15:00 to 19:00. We have a replacement service in less than 24 hours on working days.

A team of professionals will address requests for information on products, manuals, doubts, notices on failures or replacements. The TAS department carries out an exhaustive separation of the waste created. All of them are correctly identified in order to then be delivered to authorized managers.

Telephone + 34 941 145 410