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Pine forest

It recalls cold forests, winter rain and its aroma is suitable for combating general fatigue conditions, adrenal exhaustion, is anti-neuralgic, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, etc.

1 and 5 Litres.


It is a stimulating and energizing aroma since its fragrance has the capacity to lift our spirits and give us energy, to wake us up. A fun mixture of rough and tropical notes.

1 and 5 Litres.


The smell of a rose is a delicate and complex balance of different aromatic compounds and contains a great capacity to unconsciously improve our physical and emotional well-being.

1 and 5 Litres.


The smell of lavender will transport you to flowery summer nights and will alleviate the stress of the day due to its analgesic properties.

Ideal for combating muscle pain and mental fatigue, being benefitical due to its capacity to reset one’s balance both mentally and physically.

1 and 5 Litres.


Its herbal aroma is fresh and strong, it acts on the body and the mind. Its use is appropriate for increasing strength lost due to excessive work or physical activities.

Ideal for combating mental fatigue and migraines, alleviate nasal congestion, with a great power of blood vessel constriction, apart from being indicated for combating colds, the flu, bronchitis, asthma, etc.

1 and 5 Litres.


Aroma from small odoriferous molecules that reach the areas of the brain (part of the limbic system involved in emotional behaviour and memory) through the nose.

1 and 5 Litres.

Cynthia / Lemon

It frees blocked energy and stimulates creativity and concentration. Penetrating and refreshing, it helps in state of negative moods and revitalizes in the case of physical or psychological lethargy.

1 and 5 Litres.

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