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This thermal bed using infrareds, thermoshaped in transparent PET, includes five timed infrared projectors and ergonomic support. The results can be seen and felt even after the first time.

Infrared therapy is a discovery made many decades ago which people in the East have tried to preserve and spread throughout the world. Basically, infrared therapy consists in using the energy from infrared light on the body, with the objective of stimulating the body.

Infrared therapy is very popular when used to detoxify the body. Everyone’s body produces lactic and free fatty acids through consuming processed foods and it has been found that the rays help in the loss of fat and toxins.

Likewise, this therapy is effective in combating chronic fatigue, liquid retention, as well as eliminating heavy metals, poisons and cancerous materials from our body.

When trying to improve their skin, people turn to infrared therapy since its detoxifying effect helps to clean the liver and kidneys, it also eliminates dead skin and gives greater benefits to the dermis, and that isn’t even including the production of collagen which occurs in every procedure.

Infrared heat, given its short wave, penetrates the first layer of skin and directly heats the muscular area, joints and bones. It also procedures a uniform heat that notable relaxes muscle tension and back pain. After prolonged use of this surface thermotherapy, improvements have been detected with chronic rheumatism as well as notable improvements in osteoporosis.

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