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Salt cabins, recognized in England as a clinical therapy and in Russia included as an official therapy in the health system, are covered with splashed salt creating a halotherapy space where salt penetrates the skin and the bottom of the lungs. It lasts about fifty minutes in a hammock surrounded by salt from ceiling to wall to floor, like beach sand, while we breathe in an environment saturated with 100% natural mineral salt microparticles.

To diffuse the microparticles of sodium chloride, a halogenerator is used, located inside or outside the room, in charge of distributing the clean, dry or wet air with a high level of saturation. In this way, the negative ions are dispersed, which are the main ingredients that have an impact on the feeling of well-being.

Salt has a unique property, its atomic structure is not molecular, but electrical. Sodium chloride sprays have a significant negative ion charge, while the surface of the airways have a positive minimum charge, so the setting of these particles is much more stable on bronchi mucus, allowing it to clean the airways.

Halotherapy has been recognized as an effective natural therapy free of medications for certain chronic lung conditions: Asthma /Bronchiolitis / Cystic Fibrosis / Sinusitis / Allergies / Chronic bronchitis / Flu / Rhinitis / Pharyngitis / Adenoiditis / Pneumonia / Respiratory infections / Snoring / Otitis / Dermatitis / Psoriasis / Eczemas / Nervous System Disorders / Stress, etc.

Halotherapy centres were born as a natural contributor of innovative health treatments and an alternative to traditional medicine for those seeking to improve the symptoms of their airway diseases, asthma and allergies.

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