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Himalaya salt stoves through a quartz lamp and ambient living for therapeutic use and/or decoration for rooms. They heat and accumulate heat in the blocks. The warmth of the light given off, in tones between orange, red and yellow, are perfect to obtain stimulating atmospheres that invite people to relax. 

The Saline Heats maintain a warm temperature and make salt treatments more effective with their 700W lamp and lighting. They have a control panel that can be turned on independently, a lamp and an adjustable safety temperature thermostat to keep the temperature constant.

They can also act as air purifiers. The process is carried out by the salt crystal itself, which absorbs humidity in the area and, when turning on and heating up, evaporates this humidity. When this occurs, the lamp creates negative ions that counteract the effect of positive ions produced by electrical appliances in our homes. They are very useful also for cleaning the air of odours.

Square tower model measuring 25 X 25 X 107 cm.

Circular model measuring 29 Ø X 95 cm.

Wooden base on both models measuring 36 X 36 cm.

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