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A flotarium is a pool or flotation tank that fulfills the dream of flying and of total weightlessness. This is achieved thanks to a subtle increase in water mineralization - most 'flotariums' contain a solution of water and magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts, which is like sea salt) - which changes its density and allows it to the human body levitate on the water without making any effort, enjoying music therapy and aromatherapy, relaxing each muscle and providing many health benefits. In addition, our skin will be soft and silky.

This practice became popular in the fifties and, since then, it has become popular among very different people, from the hippies and the precursors of the new age movement, to the astronauts of NASA. Now, in the 21st century, flotation pools have become the fashionable mental and physical relaxation method. Some experts point out that a 25-minute 'flotarium' session would be equivalent to five hours of sleep, thanks to the deep state of relaxation that is achieved.


- Clears the mind and increases the capacity for attention and concentration.

- Relieves tension, thanks to the muscles do not have to support the weight of the body and can relax completely.

- Reduces insomnia and stress.

- It is a wonderful relief until the last month of pregnancy always under medical consultation.

- Mitigate jet lag.

- Relieves chronic pain in the joints.

- Improves blood and lymphatic circulation and strengthens the immune system

- Accelerates the metabolism.

- Help the body recover after intense physical activity

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